Sunflower competition

Welcome and thank you for participating in our
'Join us and grow' SUMMER campaign 2010.

Sea Air Spells Success for School Sunflower!

It was success for those Canterbury schools who participated in a sunflower competition
as part of Basepoint’s “join us and grow” campaign with their sunflowers growing magnificently in the remaining few weeks. St Alphege Church of England Primary School continued the trend they began from the start by growing the tallest plant out of the schools participating in the Canterbury area, measuring over two metres high, reaching a grand height of 209cm. St Alphege were really pleased and are now looking forward to their prize of £250 worth of vouchers. Perhaps the sea air as well as the sun had a part to play in their success!

Miss Holly Migden from the winning school St Alphege

The sunflower competition was launched by Basepoint at the end of April. Around 250 schools from all over the South East and the Midlands are participated; the schools with the tallest plants were in with a chance of winning a share of £7,000 worth of vouchers for books and IT equipment.

At St Stephen’s Junior school, ‘the environmental club’ who came 4th loved taking part and being involved whilst the children at St Thomas’s Catholic School celebrated being 3rd with more photographs of the children and their sunflower. The ‘gardening club’ at Blean Primary School as expected did do well in the competition coming 2nd place. They were very excited and put their success down to plenty of magic plant food!

St Thomas’s celebrated their win in the ‘Sunflower Colouring Competition' with one of their pupils excellent effort for which they will be presented with an Artists Set.

Jo Clark, Centre Manager and Karen Williams, Assistant Manager at Basepoint’s Canterbury Innovation Centre, were pleased at the schools successes and look forward to more involvement with them in future competitions. The winning schools will be presented with their prices in the new term in September.


St Thomas Catholic Primary 86cm
Blean Primary 133cm
St Alphege Church of England Primary 209cm
Joy Lane Primary n/a
Pilgrims Way Primary School n/a
St Stephens Junior School 80cm